Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Digital Tribes and The Social Web by Steve Wheeler

Some very interesting slides as part of this presentation. I particularly like slide number 24, which shows a diagram of the three web tools that facilitate the three human interaction characteristics of cognition (blog), co-operation (wiki) and communication (social network).

Slide number 34 is also particularly good. As a teacher, I often think of different kinds of 'literacies', and even though digital literacy is high on my agenda for both me and my students, I had never thought in-depth about what these characteristics of digital literacy might be. I have listed them below for my own reference and possibly for yours! What are my students doing at the moment? They are creating animated self-portraits. As part of this project they are expected to develop their competencies in identity management, creating content, organising content, filtering and selecting and self presenting.

- Social Networking
- Transliteracy
- Privacy Maintenance
- Identity Management
- Creating Content
- Organising Content
- Reusing/repurposing content
- Filtering and Selecting
- Self Presenting

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