Saturday, August 22, 2009

The social media revolution

The social media revolution
I'm not sure what I think of it all to be honest...
Yes, my students are mostly all digital natives. 
Yes, I use these technologies regularly (am doing so now)
Yes, I am often surprised at how much my students know about technology and how to use it.
Yes, I am often surprised at my own ignorance, although I am lucky not to have too much trouble keeping up with it all. 

As for the statistics of the video, it does alert me to the highly-tuned ICT knowledge of my students, and I need to incorporate such understandings into my own lessons. I do hope however, that sophisticated traditional skills and knowledge of visual arts are not lost in the speediness of all of this.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Word Up' - 4D digital media workshop.

So, first blog for Ms Leaney...

Ms Leaney attended a DET digital media workshop on Friday, and a very valuable experience it was too. Practical ideas are always lapped up with relish and this little movie was made within an hour or so. Whilst a little brief, somewhat sinister and quite reliant on the use of effects, Ms Leaney became very obsessed with this little piece and didn't want to stop working on it. She absolutely can't wait to try it on year 7s...
The unit 'Word Up' was developed by Deborah Cave, and draws from the work of Grant Stevens' Why the Long Face? 2005 digital video from the Kaldor Public Art Projects 'Move' series. The image and text below is from the website (see:

Grant Stevens, Why The Long Face? 2005, digital video, 4.11 mins, ratio:4:3 © Grant Stevens 2005

Words, rhyme and meaning are putty in the hands of Grant Stevens. Like a sculptor of textual fabric, Stevens takes pictures, words and speech and twists them into a shifting field of double entendres, wordplays and sound grabs. His stuff is the cliché of modern life, the slogans and sound bytes that constantly surround us and which are repeated so often that they lose any meaning that they might have had...

Ok, here now for my piece. Garage Band, I-Photo and I-Movie were used to put together a series of stills of signage from around the school... 

Thank you Wendy for a wonderful day!!!